SATURDAY 8.3.2019

SATURDAY 8.3.2019


Triangle Push Ups

0:60 to complete as many push ups as possible

In your team of 3, form a triangle position with feet on each others backs.

Simultaneously do the push up.

AMRAP in 60 seconds


3 Position Clean

Hi Hang Vertical
Above Knee
Floor3 Position Power Clean

In Teams of 3:

12 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Complex

Cleans must be completed touch and go style with hands never leaving the barbell.

One barbell, score is the sum of all 3 weights

Ex: Joe does 3 position clean with 175
Mike does 3 position clean with 185
Albany does 3 position clean with 200

175+185+200= score

Weights only go up, NEVER down.



Teams of 3:

18 Minute AMRAP

12 Box Jumps 30/24
21 KB Front Squats 24/16
250 Meter Row

This is done follow the leader style.