CrossFit Hell's Kitchen MEMBERSHIPS are now FREE!!!!!

There isn’t anything better than sweating with your friends.

Unless you could do so for FREE.


If you are an existing member at CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen paying a monthly membership fee, you NO LONGER HAVE TO!

Is there a catch?

ummmmm, yeah of course there is…….

Bring in 2 friends who sign up for a monthly membership.

You get YOUR membership for FREE!

How long is my membership free for?

As long as they are paying members, you don’t pay a penny.

If one of them leaves, what happens then?

If one of them, (or both) leave, you’ll be charged again.

If you bring in another, your membership is free again.

As long as you have 2 friends as active members, you don’t ever pay!

Email me for more info about this deal!