SUNDAY 1.20.2019



Rowing Bowling

You and your partner must bowl a perfect game of 300 by rowing as close to 300m as possible anything over or under results in Burpees for the same number of meters over or under.

Each take 1 warm up game plus 2 actual games.

Loser does Burpees.


Split into 6 groups

1) Feet In Rings Push Ups

2) Mountain Climbers

3) Ring Pull Ups/Row

4) Tricep Extensions

5) Bicep Curls

6) Long Plank Hold

EMOM for 4 rounds

0:45 work/0:15 rest


Split Into 6 groups

1) Box Jumps 30/24

2) Battling Ropes

3) Agility Ladder

4) Cones

5) P- Bars

6) Landmine Rotation

EMOM for 4 rounds

0:45 work/0:15 rest