FRIDAY 1. 18. 2019

Hi everyone.

I want to invite you all to join the CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen Official What’s App Group.

I’ll be using this to keep in better contact with everyone letting you know of last minute schedule or programming changes as well as general announcements.

So many times members have told me that they haven’t heard about an upcoming event or change or realize they needed long socks for rope climbs (like today).

This is one way to make sure everyone stays informed.

If you click the link below


You’ll be able to join and stay connected.

FRIDAY 1.18.2019


Remember, all weights calculated are off of 85% of your 1RM

We are only doing back squats today.

We are NOT doing shoulders today

Back Squat 

5 x 55%
5 x 67.5%
5 x 80%
5 x 92.5%
3 X 110%
8 X 80%



 5 Rounds

1:00 ME Rower for calories

1:00 ME Push Ups

2:00 Rest

yes, this is still a 1:1 work to rest ratio

work total 2 min
rest 2 min

While the rest may seem long, remember this work is MAX EFFORT

if you aren't working hard it'll seem as though the rest is TOO long, however if you are truly doing MAX EFFORT, 2 minutes will not feel like enough



(and max loses of bodyfat too)